Join the Fight Against Mold, Viruses, and Bacteria

We are working on a new method to disinfect textiles and environments. Imagine getting mold and germs out of car seats, textiles and clothing more easily. What if you could disinfect basements/homes affected by flooding disasters more quickly, so life can return to normal? Or if hospitals could disinfect their environments with ease?

There currently is no portable method to generate chlorine dioxide where and when it’s needed. We have developed this technology at Brandeis in connection with the US Army labs in Natick, MA. The technology involves a novel chemical process that can be used in closed containers and is portable. With this new method, disinfection will be faster and easier than ever in both military and civilian settings.

Nazita Gamini

Nazita Gamini was a Technology Licensing Associate at the Brandeis Office of Technology Licensing. In this role, she dealt with a number of intellectual property issues including negotiating, drafting and reviewing various agreements including IP licenses, research collaborations, material transfer and confidential disclosure agreements. Nazita also worked closely with outside patent counsel to protect and maximize the value of Brandeis University’s Intellectual Property. Prior to joining the OTL staff, Nazita worked at various biotech startups in the Boston and Cambridge areas. Nazita is an attorney and holds an MS in Microbiology. She is a co-author on a number of scientific and legal manuscripts as well as a holder of a U.S. patent application. Nazita is fluent in Farsi and is an amateur poker player.


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